What is the difference between European art and Asian art?

The difference between the Chinese and European art, according to the chapter Landscape of soul. Explanation: The Chinese art based on the imagination where a painter trying to obtain the essence of the inner life. The European painting is much more focused on the art to create an illusion likeness.

What is the difference between Asian and Western art?

Asian art is different in several ways to western art. For example, western still life paintings are usually very detailed. It usually takes a western artist months to finish a still life painting, which is usually done in oil on canvas. Compared to the Asian painters of still life, they usually take much less time.

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What about the arts of Asia and North America is different from the European arts?

Answer: The arts of Asia and North America are much more focused of the environment and making things out of the environment as art while Europe focused more on painting and the techniques of that.

What made Asian art unique?

It is known for its ritual bronzes, beautiful ceramics, jades, textiles, poetic painted landscapes, garden design, elaborate goldwork, extraordinary temples, shrines, pagodas and stupas, woodblock prints, shadow puppets and the highest art form in East Asian art —calligraphy.

What does the Chinese landscape depict Class 11?

It refers to a Chinese painting that involves natural landscapes. The landscape is spiritual and inner one. It represents the two complementary poles (yin and yang) reflecting the Daoist view of the universe.

What is the European view of art?

The European view of art is to create illusionistic likeness. E.g., in 15th century a blacksmith had fallen in love with a painter’s daughter: The father would not give his consent.

What is Chinese art called?

It is also called danqing ( Chinese: 丹青; pinyin: dān qīng). Traditional painting involves essentially the same techniques as calligraphy and is done with a brush dipped in black ink or coloured pigments; oils are not used. As with calligraphy, the most popular materials on which paintings are made are paper and silk.

What are the major periods in Western art history?

Periods in Western art history

  • 1 Ancient Classical art.
  • 2 Medieval art.
  • 3 Renaissance.
  • 4 Renaissance to Neoclassicism.
  • 5 Romanticism.
  • 6 Romanticism to modern art.
  • 7 Modern art.
  • 8 Contemporary art.
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Why do Chinese art look different from Western art?

Elements of shading that traditional western art tries to more fully render are instead simplified or suggested in traditional Chinese art. To create more detailed shading, Chinese artists will typically dilute their ink with water, similar to water-color painting.

What about the arts of Asia and North America is different from the European arts youve been studying which do you prefer and why?

What about the arts of Asia and North America is different from the European arts you’ve been studying? Which do you prefer and why? (4 points) They are different because american art and asian art are about cities and or nature were european art is lots of portraits and set up type paintings.

What is the essential difference in the nature of Eastern and Western painting style?

The essential difference between Eastern and Western paintings is that the Eastern painting is not factual; it does not represent an actual view as a Western figurative painting does. It has a dimension of time. The viewer can ‘enter’ the painting and thereby the artist’s mind.

Who is the first artist in the world?

More than 65,000 years ago, a Neanderthal reached out and made strokes in red ochre on the wall of a cave, and in doing so, became the first known artist on Earth, scientists claim. The discovery overturns the widely-held belief that modern humans are the only species to have expressed themselves through works of art.

What did you learn about East Asia Arts?

These include Chinese calligraphy, which is closely related to painting in China; interior design; tapestries; floral decoration; Chinese pottery; metalwork; enamelwork; and lacquerwork; as well as Chinese jade; silk; and Chinese architecture.

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What makes the art of China Japan Korea unique?

It is thought of first in East Asian art because much of the Korean and Japanese art came from China with the Buddhist monks. Chinese art has symmetry. Scholarly works like paintings are beautifully calm (like the hand scroll) and constrained while folk arts have color with wild abandon (the ceramics on the wall).

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