What made Asian art unique?

It is known for its ritual bronzes, beautiful ceramics, jades, textiles, poetic painted landscapes, garden design, elaborate goldwork, extraordinary temples, shrines, pagodas and stupas, woodblock prints, shadow puppets and the highest art form in East Asian art —calligraphy.

What are mostly influence in Asian art works?

The arts of recent centuries are mainly influenced by Islamic art, but the varied earlier cultures were influenced by the art of China, Persia and Greece, as well as the Animal style that developed among the nomadic peoples of the steppes.

Why are Asian artists so good?

Due to the fact that the written language for most asian countries is artistic in basis (it’s drawn more than written, as westerners would see it), and that in learning it great attention to detail and precision, and repetition. Asians in general would have a tendency toward creating fantastic works of art.

What influences the history of the Asian art?

The Evolution of Asian Art The historical influences of Asian art encompass a wide variety of religions, conquerors, and cultural influences. With each period reflecting on the religious, political, and cultural developments of its day, we also see a wide range of creative styles begin to emerge.

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Who is the first artist in the world?

More than 65,000 years ago, a Neanderthal reached out and made strokes in red ochre on the wall of a cave, and in doing so, became the first known artist on Earth, scientists claim. The discovery overturns the widely-held belief that modern humans are the only species to have expressed themselves through works of art.

What is the highest form of Chinese painting?

Landscape painting was regarded as the highest form of Chinese painting, and generally still is. The time from the Five Dynasties period to the Northern Song period (907–1127) is known as the “Great age of Chinese landscape”.

What influences Chinese art?

Chinese art today is heavily influenced by Western art and concepts, particularly ink and oil paintings, and performance arts. Not only a famous painter, he is also a calligrapher and philosopher. His unique styles and techniques have influenced many young artists today.

Do Chinese Japanese and Philippines art have a relationship to one another?

Answer. they are all in Asian continents so all the places almost have same legends and arts so it’s logically yes..

Are Asians good at drawing?

No, Japanese people are not inherently better at drawing, or learning to draw, in a manga-esque style. Just like how Americans aren’t better at drawing or learning Stan Lee-styles of drawing, simply because his style originated in the States.

Why are Japanese so good at video games?

Originally Answered: Why is Japan so good at making video games and animation compared to other countries? They make more. They developed a rich and profitable industry. More they make, more good professionals are trained, best techniques are developed.

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What is Oriental art?

Oriental art is often interchangeably used with the terms Eastern or Asian art and it refers to the historic and contemporary art originating from various Asian cultures and reflecting on the society in which it was produced.

What is history of Western art?

The history of Western painting represents a continuous, though disrupted, tradition from antiquity until the present time. Until the mid-19th century it was primarily concerned with representational and Classical modes of production, after which time more modern, abstract and conceptual forms gained favor.

What influenced Islamic art?

Islamic art was influenced by Greek, Roman, early Christian, and Byzantine art styles, as well as the Sassanian art of pre- Islamic Persia. Central Asian styles were brought in with various nomadic incursions; and Chinese influences had a formative effect on Islamic painting, pottery, and textiles.

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