What is the predominant export destination of West African art quizlet?

What did Lutz and Collins conclude after their investigation of National Geographic photos? They avoid images that might disrupt readers’ views of the world. What is the predominant export destination of West African art? a New York warehouse.

What are the key aspects of any art market that ethnographers strive to understand?

The important aspects of any art market that ethnographers strive to understand are: production, consumption, and distribution.

What do anthropologists emphasize in definitions of art?

Anthropologists see art as all the ideas, forms, techniques, and strategies that humans use to do what? What do anthropologists emphasize in definitions of art? D.) It is shaped by the viewer’s perception as well as the artistic intent.

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How does the author referred to the aesthetic experience?

How does the author refer to the aesthetic experience? The perception of art through one’s senses.

What are the two types of descent groups distinguished by anthropologists?

Cognatic descent is also referred to as non-unilineal descent and there are two types of cognatic descent: bilateral and ambilineal. Anthropological data suggests that cognatic descent arose in cultures where warfare is uncommon and there is a political organization that can organize and fight on behalf of the members.

What unique evidence of artistic endeavor did archeologists discover in South Africa’s Blombos Cave?

Scientists working in Blombos Cave in South Africa’s southern Cape region have made a discovery that changes our understanding of when our human ancestors started expressing themselves through drawings. They’ve found a 73 000-year-old cross-hatched drawing on a silcrete (stone) flake. It was made with an ochre crayon.

What are the 5 methods of anthropology?

Some of the more common types of anthropological research methods include (1) immersion in a culture, (2) analysis of how people interact with their environment, (3) linguistic analysis, (4) archaeological analysis, and ( 5 ) analysis of human biology.

Why do we need ethnography?

One of the main advantages associated with ethnographic research is that ethnography can help identify and analyse unexpected issues. Because of its subjective nature, an ethnographic study (with a skilled researcher) can be very useful in uncovering and analysing relevant user attitudes and emotions.

What is the term for an expert on a particular aspect of native life?

What is the term for an expert on a particular aspect of native life? key cultural consultant. Ethnographers typically combine emic and etic strategies in their fieldwork. This means they are interested in applying both.

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What is the relationship between art and anthropology?

The anthropology of art studies and analyses the wide range of material objects produced by people around the world. These are considered not merely as aesthetic objects but are understood to play a wider role in people’s lives, for instance in their beliefs and rituals.

How is art used in anthropology?

Ritualistic and symbolic functions. In many cultures, art is used in rituals, performances and dances as a decoration or symbol. While these often have no specific utilitarian (motivated) purpose, anthropologists know that they often serve a purpose at the level of meaning within a particular culture.

Is Anthropology an art?

Anthropology of art is a sub-field in cultural anthropology dedicated to the study of art in different cultural contexts. The anthropology of art focuses on historical, economic and aesthetic dimensions in non-Western art forms, including what is known as ‘tribal art ‘.

What does John Dewey say about art?

Dewey believed that art brings together the same doing/undergoing relation that makes an experience what it is. Something is artistic when the qualities of the result control the process of production.

What are examples aesthetics?

Aesthetic means the pleasant, positive or artful appearance of a person or a thing. An example of the word is aesthetic is to say that a particular car is beautiful. The definition of aesthetic is being interested in how something looks and feels. An example of someone who is aesthetic might be an artist.

What is an example of an aesthetic experience?

Aesthetic experiences, such as looking at paintings, listening to music or reading poems, are linked to the perception of external objects, but not to any apparent functional use the objects might have.

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