How do you decorate a wall with paintings?


  1. Use your walls a showcase for your own photographs.
  2. Hang art in every room in the house.
  3. Use picture-hanging hooks rather than nails or screws.
  4. Treat several pieces as one unit during the hanging process.
  5. Plan out a photo wall in advance.
  6. Lean artwork against a wall in some areas.

How can I make my walls more interesting?

Try hanging or wall -mounted planters to add a bit of nature to your space and life to your walls.

  1. Add Texture With a Weaving.
  2. Add Removable Wall Art.
  3. Hang an Oversized Calendar.
  4. Add a Giant Whiteboard or Chalkboard.
  5. Hang a Personalized Map.
  6. Mount Your Television.
  7. Add Shiplap Wall Paneling.
  8. Mount Your Bikes on the Wall.

What are the two most popular ways to decorate walls?

  • Cluster colorful baskets. Why hang one or two baskets when you can hang a whole bunch?
  • Layer giant letters.
  • Make a dip-painted wall sculpture.
  • Tape off a graphic statement wall.
  • Use wall brackets to bring dimension to your art.
  • Hang your hats.
  • Add oomph with framed paper.
  • Go subtly sophisticated with wainscot paneling.
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How do you decorate a blank wall?

The Best Ways to Decorate Large Blank Walls

  1. Floating Shelves. Floating furniture is sure to liven up any area — from floor to ceiling — in the most stylish of ways.
  2. Hanging Rug.
  3. Oversized Art.
  4. Utilize Height.
  5. Playful Display.
  6. Curated Vignette.
  7. Make a Statement.

Are accent walls out of style 2020?

“In 2020, I am psyched to say goodbye to accent walls. Accent walls have been a trend for a while now and are beginning to fade. It is no longer the focal point of interiors. Single colored walls are making a greater impact when paired with colorful decor or furnishings.”

Should you put art on every wall?

Copied! The key to any successful interior design is balance. That means when it comes to hanging pictures, no, you don’t need to fill every wall space with pictures. Empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element to enhance your décor.

How can I decorate my apartment without damaging walls?

Lean It. An empty area in front of a wall is the perfect place to lean decorative items, especially large or heavy ones. Tall mirrors, framed artwork and canvases all add a unique decorative touch when you lean them against a wall. Add a couple decorative pieces in varying sizes to add an eclectic touch.

How do you break up a long wall in a living room?

Furniture. In a large room with a long wall, you can use furniture to create two separate living spaces. A bookshelf that’s open on both sides works great as a room divider; then you treat the sections of wall on each side as two separate spaces with their own decor.

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How do you break up a long wall in paint?

Break up a room by painting the ceiling and walls different colors. You can visually raise a ceiling by painting it white or a few shades lighter than the wall color. Use a satin or semigloss paint finish to reflect natural and artificial light to create the effect of an even higher ceiling.

How can I decorate my house on a low budget?

Low – Budget Decorating Techniques

  1. Do It Yourself. Nearly any kind of remodeling or redecorating job is cheaper when you do it yourself instead of hiring a pro.
  2. Rearrange the Furniture.
  3. Repurpose Furniture and Accessories.
  4. Shop Secondhand.
  5. Use Paint.
  6. Use Paper.
  7. Use Fabric.
  8. Add Woodwork.

How can I decorate my bedroom walls?

Here are some easy ways you can take your bedroom wall decorating to the next level.

  1. Paint (or wallpaper) the wall a rich, vibrant color.
  2. Hang a patterned rug.
  3. Add a wall mural.
  4. Create a gallery wall.
  5. Hang a room divider.
  6. Hang a horizontal painting or mirror.
  7. Hang a series of wall art horizontally.

What should I do with a blank wall?

Below are several ideas to help make those blank walls the highlight of each room.

  1. Add millwork. Getty Images.
  2. Create a wood pallet wall. Getty Images.
  3. Add a map.
  4. Add mirrors and sconces — or ledges.
  5. Add a dramatic color.
  6. Create interesting storage options.
  7. Create a graffiti wall.
  8. Create an authentic-looking wood or stone wall.

How do you fill an empty space in a living room?

19 Smart and Stylish Ways to Fill Your Living Room Space

  1. Create a comfortable window seat.
  2. Illuminate those empty dark spaces.
  3. Place tall plants.
  4. Consider a decorative room divider.
  5. Create a reading corner or an alternative seating area.
  6. Fill corner walls with unique artwork.
  7. Set up a workspace.
  8. High ceiling in the living room? No problem!
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Which wall should be an accent wall?

DO take into account the color on your other walls. Most accent walls look best when they adjoin walls in a light to medium shade. Accent walls in an all-white room are stunning but tricky. The contrast of a bright accent wall against white walls can look very modern and even stark.

What can I put on a blank bedroom wall?

One of the best ways to fill empty wall space in the bedroom is with a quilt. There are design options for every decorating style from country to contemporary, and quilts have enough weight to hang well on the wall. Lightweight area rugs are another good choice.

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