Why were wooden pillars necessary in Han architecture?

Thatched or tiled roofs were supported by wooden pillars, since the addition of brick, rammed earth, or mud walls did not actually support the roof. Stone and plaster were also used for domestic architecture.

What advantage did the Romans gain when they began using concrete quizlet?

What advantage did the Romans gain when they began using concrete? ( more complicated shapes could be constructed, structures could be construcrted more quickly, structures could be concstructed less expensively).

Which of the following would be an example of a readymade work of art?

His work fountain is an example of a readymade -this emphasized the idea of anti- art in the Dada movement. One of the artist’s main goals was to take away the function of the object which in this case was a porcelain urinal. “Fountain”, which was laid flat on it’s back rather than upright in its usual position.

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Which of the following artists is associated with West Coast abstraction?

The term “hard-edge abstraction ” was devised by Californian art critic Jules Langsner, and was initially intended to title a 1959 exhibition that included four West Coast artists – Karl Benjamin, John McLaughlin, Frederick Hammersley and Lorser Feitelson.

What is unique about Chinese architecture?

Chinese architecture is typified by various features; such as, bilateral symmetry, use of enclosed open spaces, the incorporation of ideas related to feng shui such as directional hierarchies, a horizontal emphasis, and allusion to various cosmological, mythological, or other symbolism.

What was the Han philosophy of rule?

Han Fei’s philosophy was primarily a political strategy which centered on the authority of the leader, who was to maintain firm control using three concepts: his position of authority (勢, Shi); certain administrative techniques (術, Shu), and laws (法, Fa).

Why was concrete so important to the Romans?

The Romans used concrete for a wide variety of purposes. Concrete has been used in Roman buildings as strong base foundations, as well as in the highest vaults. In order to give structure and substance to mortar, aggregates, or stones of different sizes mixed into the mortar, were used.

Which technique was used in the production of Igbo bronze art?

Igbo Bronze Art Most bronze sculptures were made in stages using the lost wax technique, an ancient casting process commonly using wax. Many of the castings integrated small decorative items and designs, showing the artisans’ high level of skill.

What were the two most common materials used in Roman sculptures?

As with Greek sculpture, the Romans worked stone, precious metals, glass and terracotta but favoured bronze and marble above all else for their finest work. However, as metal has always been in high demand for re-use, most of the surviving examples of Roman sculpture are in marble.

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What defines a readymade work of art?

A term coined by Marcel Duchamp in 1916 to describe prefabricated, often mass-produced objects isolated from their intended use and elevated to the status of art by the artist choosing and designating them as such.

Is readymade part of Dadaism?

Although they were conceived more than a century ago, readymades continue to challenge and confound. The term was coined by Dada artist Marcel Duchamp to describe ordinary, prefabricated objects selected by an artist and presented as art. (1) The readymade is chosen by the artist.

What is Duchamp’s definition of art?

Seeking an alternative to representing objects in paint, Duchamp began presenting objects themselves as art. He selected mass-produced, commercially available, often utilitarian objects, designating them as art and giving them titles.

Which artist is most associated with action painting?

Jackson Pollock was the most well-known Abstract Expressionist and the key example of Action Painting.

What does the word Rococo describe?

It is characterized by lightness, elegance, and an exuberant use of curving natural forms in ornamentation. The word Rococo is derived from the French word rocaille, which denoted the shell-covered rock work that was used to decorate artificial grottoes.

What is the importance of abstract expressionism in our daily life?


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