Dorian    Rae    Collection

Dorian Rae established her gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1978.  Previous to that she lived, traveled extensively, and collected tribal art and textiles in South East Asia.

Each piece in her gallery is selected by her based on its authenticity and artistic value.

The Dorian Rae Collection includes ancient artifacts, oriental antiques, and authentic tribal art from West Africa and South East Asia.

In addition to Asian and African tribal, ethnic, and archaic jewelry, Dorian has an extensive collection of old jewelry from the American Southwest.

Dorian has sold artifacts to museums and collectors all over the world as well as lent many pieces to museums for exhibitions. She has also curated exhibitions in Canadian museums and public galleries in both African Tribal art and Asian art and textiles. She has lectured on the above subjects in museums, galleries, professional institutions, and on public and cable television.